Video Production

We do complete video production including both filming and editing.  Video infommercials are commonly used on websites and can be uploaded to YouTube or other hosting services.  Please contact us to discuss your requirements and to a quote.

Samples of videos we have produced are shown below. 

The Gilbert Islands Residential Video

Chase Bank Building

Chris Dunham – Jk Realty – Trilogy Advertisement


Chris Dunham – JK Realty

Tyson Wells – Quartzsite, AZ.

 Phoenix Arizona Real Estate Commercial



This sample was produced for Chris Dunham of Solutions Real Estate to advertise the “Heroes” real estate program in which veterans (and other community Heroes) are eligible to receive a rebate on their home purchases.


In this example, you will see how a home is introduced by the realtor, then video filmed.  The video has the effect of bringing the home alive.  Google data shows that prospective buyers prefer seeing a video versus a set of still images.

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