Twilight Photos

There are two basic techniques for photographing twilight photographs.  The first technique boils down to setting up a set of strobes or spot lights to light the property. The photos can be very impressive and are relatively easy to do.  The down side of this approach is the photographs do not realistically portray the property and often times it comes out looking more like down town Las Vegas.

The second approach is to take a series of photographs just as twilight happens and the light in the sky balances with the lights on (and in) the home.  This approach requires more preparation since the actual time for photographing is very short and there is no room for mistakes.  The photographs must be pre-planned.  During those few minutes when the time is right, you got to able to get all the shots you want quickly and efficiently.  Here are some examples from the home we photographed for Caryn Shannon.

It is a matter of personal choice, but I think these photos present a more inviting ambience of the prospective buyer than the Las Vegas Look.

45 Back Patio

40 Backyard
41 Backyard

42 Backyard
43 Back Patio

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