November 2013 News Letter

Realtor of the Month

This month’s featured realtor is Chris Dunham of Solutions Real Estate. this month, Chris  listed a $2.4m, 8,000 sqft.,  2 1/4 acre home in north Scottsdale.  We did a complete set of magazine style interior photos, twilight photos, and aerial photos.
This is one awesome property.Chris Dunham  A few of photos are included below and you can see the video of this property on YouTube.

10- Dale Aerial

04 Front 2

I enjoy working with Chris and he knows his business.  Chris has 46 sales already this year and is on track to reach 53.  That’s impressive!


Google NAR/Real Estate Study

This month I had the opprotunity to attend a SEVRAR session addressing the importance of using quality real estate photography presented by D. Patrick Lewis.  Google and NAR joined in a study of how prosepective buyers are currently looking for homes.  The results are truly eye opening.  Here is but a few of the key points from that session:

  • 90% of home buyers rely on the internet as their primary source.
  • 52% turn to the web first
  • 80% of buyers rated photos & detailed info most usefule
  • 24% of buyers acted on a home the same day as viewing on the web
  • 75% of buyers & sellers say the quality & clarity of the photos are important
  • 84% pf buyers said they would not consider buying without photos
  • 95% of users viewed the first photo for 20 seconds
  • “without an eye-catching photo, the battle is lost before it begins”
  • “You have to grab peoples’ attention within two seconds.  Do it the way a billboard does”

These are critically import points.  If you are not using quality photographs for you listings, you are loosing money. I invite you to download the NAR report and D. Patrick Lewis’ files and study them for yourself.

Camp Soaring Eagle

Camp Soaring Eagle is a very special organization for kids with a serious illness.  This month they will have their annual charity auction and I will be donating a home aerial photograph and something very unusual.  An aircraft twilight portrait.  This is a very special charity and I invite you check them out.


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