Jim Thorton

15 Front Entrance 13 Front Twilight DCIM100GOPROThe other day I was talking to Jim Thorton. Jim is an investor “flipper” extraordinary.  He related an experience he recently had with a home I photographed for him. The first offer came within hours of the MLS listing going live. The offer came from a Canadian family. They offered over a million dollars for the home, sight in-seen based on the photos. Jim and his partner discussed it and accepted the offer.


I asked Jim if he thought he had left money on the table with a sale that fast. His response was very interesting. He said if you do things right, you’ll get the price you want. Getting good real estate photography is part of doing things right.
I’ve got to say, I’ve photographed several homes for Jim, he knows how to do things right and his homes have all sold fast.

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