HDR Versus Balanced Lighting

There are two basic techniques for photographing home interiors.  I can use either approach. The technique I normally use is called “Balanced Lighting” using a set of strobes to balance the lighting throughout the room.  This style produces crisper, color accurate photos.  This is the sytle used in magazines and absoultely mandatory for luxury property.

The second technique is HDR (High Dynamic Range) based on “fusing” the exposure levels throughout a room by combining multiple exposures of the same image.  This technique makes for much shorter shooting times, and much longer processing times.  The colors are not as accurate and the photos are not as crisp.  However, they are quite acceptable for many real estate interiors.   Since I am an location a shorter periord, this approach is less expensive than balanced lighting.

The results, if done properly, are quite acceptable non-luxury properties.  I see a lot of poorly done HDR on MLS.

Here are some examples I did  of HDR versus balanced lighting so you can see the difference.  The first photos are done using balanced lighiting and the second is the same photo using HDR.
Master Bedroomhdr bedroomKitchen and DiningHDR living room

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