Utton Photography

I specializes in high quality real estate photography at competitive prices.  I do not take short cuts.  When you hire Utton Photography, you get me, no substitutes.  I do my own photo processing to ensure the highest quality possible.  I feel that by doing my own processing, I have better control on the quality of photographs.

Another aspect of quality photography is in building a portfolio of previous sales you can show prospective listing clients,  You can’t beat showing them how you are going to market their home.  In today’s internet environment, you cannot afford to have poor quality photography representing you or the property you are  marketing.  My clients have reported selling properties site-unseen, just from my photographs.


Your photos will be delivered the next business day via DropBox.  You will receive two sets of photos.  The first set is sized for MLS and internet.  You will also receive a set of high resolutions photo files suitable for print applications such as fliers or books.

Aerial Photography

Aerial photography gives a unique perspective of the home. This is particularly important if the home is located on the lakes or is a high end property with spectacular land scape.  I have taken and passed the FAA requirements for Aerial Drone Operation.  I am an FAA certified operator.  I recommend strongly that you do not use a non-certified operator to avoid FAA fines.

Video Photography

I use specialized equipment to produce high quality videos of a property.  I can do both interior and exterior video and with the addition of the aerial drone, I can add aerial video to the package.

You will receive two versions of the video.  The first version will be branded and will include your business art work such as business card, photographs, company logos, etc and your professional contact information.

The second real estate video will be an un-branded version for MLS.

The videos are delivered by DropBox, or if you prefer, a YouTube link for MLS.  MLS videos should be added to the MLS listing as a “tour” to accommodate MLS requirements.

Twilight Photography

Twilight Real Estate Photography is another area that can greatly enhance an MLS listing.  Twilight photos are dramatic and attract attention from prospective buyers,  This is another area that I particularly specialize in.  You should consider this for all high end real estate properties.